Spirit Vs Chatter

Which part of you, plays the keyboard? Dominates your decisions in life?


3b.2The human brain is the most incredible and complex creation on the planet but we are not able to utilize it, to its full extent. That is to say, we have a powerful supercomputer, but are unaware of its magnificence because, unbeknownst to us, it is infected with a virus.

What is this “Virus”?
It is our mind chatter. The mind is always busy, it never stops talking. It constantly judges, worries, blames and complains. It always has wants and desires, but, even if we manage to get what we want, it is never satisfied for long.

How do we cure this virus?
One of the fastest ways, to cure this mind chatter illness is to set yourself an impossible task and then experience yourself achieving it.

At Musetude we set such a task: learn the fundamentals of music in 1-day with the intent, to give one a glimpse into the totality of their being, a heightened attitude of living and learning. You begin to see yourself operating at a place of tremendous flow and inspiration. This challenge is so vast and absorbing, that ones chattering mind does not have time to get in the way, as your brain is too busy focusing on all the matter it must learn. One doesn’t have time for self-talk, mind games and petty little nonsense’s as the challenge engulfs the entirety of your being.

We tend to indulge in fantasies of the mind, when we do not have a superior enough purpose, to pour ourselves fully and unlimitedly into – operating at the height of our humanness.

This dormant power hidden inside your being, if not focused ends up corrupting, as it has not been utlized. You feel restless and insecure because you are aware of this ‘seed of greatness’. Like Anais Nin states “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

If one’s head space is clear, clean and beautiful any little act performed from this space has the power to set in motion waves that reach infinity. Clean your person, it is most important. We have the power to make heaven on earth.

With the mind chatter out of the way, you are a superbly talented organism that can function impeccably. Most of the time, we don’t have the instructions to command ourselves wisely, as we are taking orders from our lower three brains rather than from the director of our consciousness, the prefrontal cortex.

3b.3At the end of the one-day workshop, there comes a point when you see all the information you have gathered and, how effortlessly you soaked it all in. We play a lot with the concept ‘intensity’ during the workshop. You have to expand yourself in order to gain access to all the material we place in front of you.

One day seems like thousand years and thousand years as one day. One moment if lived wisely can have the power to direct your actions for the rest of your life.

If you have sufficient energy to access true power within your being no task is impossible. If you view any subject you wish to learn from this standpoint you realize that it is not in the hard work but in a shift of attitude and perception. Only tackle a subject when you are functioning at the height of your potential your prefrontal cortex or don’t tackle the issue at all because the process is painful if you are slogging through your fears, emotions and logic. That’s why we emphasize on working on yourself first, becoming self-actualized and tackling any issue next.

In addition to the revolutionary manner in which we teach music, we also strongly encourage our students to begin a meditation practice. Sitting silent is the best way to build energy, to get to know yourself and toss out any unhelpful junk that is clogging up your brain. Silence has supreme, scientifically proven health benefits and does wonders for your soul. It is a central part of the Musetude philosophy as, again, a quiet mind creates an empty stage for your soul to dance on.