Revolution In Music

What some would consider an impossibility is now a reality!

Learn the fundamentals of music in 1-day!
It’s fun to do the impossible!

3.1Why music?
Everyone loves music and would love to be able to play an instrument. We are drawn to music because it is a natural, innate part of us. Each of us has our own natural flow and rhythm – our walk, talk, sleep cycle, laughter and breathing all follow this rhythm.

“The human being holds a universe within, filled with overlapping frequencies and the result is a symphony of cosmic proportions” – Masuru Emoto.

In ancient cultures, music was considered a central facet of society and, as such, it was taught to everyone. These days, however, music has been given a backseat, taught only to a selected few. This turn away from music has happened for a number of reasons:

1. The methods of learning music are slow, tedious and difficult.
2. It is expensive to fund the years and years of lessons we assume it takes to become a musician.
3. There is a belief that one needs to be “talented” to even attempt to play music.
4. Music as a profession involves risk & uncertainty

The Conventional Method:
The conventional method of learning requires rigorous, long-term repetition, which is why it takes years for someone to master an instrument. And all that is achieved at the end, is the ability to mechanically perform, not musicality. Expression and feeling are not focused on, even though this is the most crucial element of music.

3.2The Flow Method of learning music:
The flow method teaches music, in an entirely different and revolutionary way. The first step in Musetude’s flow method is a creation of an environment that is highly charged and positive. When students are positive to learning, certain areas of the cerebral cortex are ignited, in particular the frontal lobes, and this, in turn, creates a state of heightened focus, that allows for quick and holistic learning.

The Musetude method works because we clean out the fear-based junk (mind-chatter) that clogs people’s brains and we give them a clean slate to work from. Thus our students find inner clarity to learn at heightened speeds. 

We know that everyone in the world has a capacity for creative genius. And the 10,000 plus students we have successfully taught are the proof that this method works. Attitude is everything; attitude is the key to reaching and achieving our limitless potential. Once you switch into the flow attitude and behavior patterning, the music of the spheres is available to you.

This method is based on the principle that, the soul of every person, devoid of its masks and personality constraints, is naturally very capable and has an immense capacity. All that is needed for an effective foundation, then is harnessing this natural capacity for which we have devised, the flow method of teaching.

Musetude enables people to fulfill their dream of being able to play music, and, in the process, they also discover who they really are, what they are really capable of and how joy-filled life can be.

“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato