The Body of Musetude

0 Antonia 1Antonia Prebble
Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics.

Antonia is a renowned New Zealand actress and a benevolent spirit. She has dedicated much time and energy into enabling Musetude, reach its goals. She has been involved with Musetude since early 2011 as a publicist, musician, editor and all-round intellect.

4. LeanneLeanne Frisbie
B.A, Film, TV and media studies Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism.

Leanne is the CEO of the Mastertude Production, Los Angeles. She has over a decade’s experience in journalism, marketing and communications. She is a strong leader, facilitator, producer, actor and musician

Fleur Saville

Fleur is a business strategist and producer based in Los Angeles. She brings vast experience to the team connecting people, building relationships, and creating a plan of action. She is sensitive, strong, a powerful nurturer and guide. She has produced several award-winning projects.

Jan Sosinko

Jan is an investor and company director with over 30 years’ experience running successful hospitality businesses in New Zealand, as well as directing companies and managing property portfolios. She brings her business and financial expertise to Musetude, as well as her enthusiasm for taking on exciting challenges and new projects.

georgia1Georgia Cole

Georgia is the youngest member of the team. At 18-years her vibrant personality spreads the method in a practical and relate-able fashion.  She brings a freshness to Musetude that is creative and revolutionary.

6. AndyAndy McGrath
Director at Afterglow

Andy has over 20 years experience in film, video production & post. Andy is the brains behind the Musetude business plan. Since he participated in the Musetude music workshop in 2011 he has volunteered as an advisor for Musetude trust and film.

4. michaelMichael Mackinven
Director at KOA Group NZ Ltd; Mike Ross Ltd; Weka Learning Ltd. Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Certificate in Arts.

Michael is a businessman, real estate investor, author and educationist. He brings to the Musetude project his business expertise, educational system understandings and success-driven orientation. He has the ability to look at the macro picture as well as make uncanny decisions at a micro level.

FabriceFabrice Mogini
Master of Arts, Sonic Arts, DTLLS Teaching Qualification, Lecturer at City and Islington College

Fabrice is a music composer and producer for a Music Library catalogues specialised in high-quality music for film and television. Music placements include MTV and National Geographic. Music covers a wide range of genres from electronic to orchestral. Using silent knowledge and musical aesthetics he weaves frequencies into the Mastertude film script. 

3. SiobhanSiobhan Marshall
Bachelor of Performing Arts.

Siobhan is a well-known New Zealand actress and author. She has been involved in Musetude since 2012. She provides a positive impetus that enhances everything she comes across.
Profile Pic - Suit2Jay Wang
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Ethnomusicology.

Jay is an all-round musician with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Romulus Desai

Romulus is a maestro organizer. He directionalities his devotion to detail and love for planning to keep all of Musetude’s projects pristine. He is also a natural host who creates a welcome and friendly environment for students and team members.

7. Lydia and Rebecca 9

Lydia Desai and Rebecca Desai (sisters) are the visionaries and founders of Musetude. They are modern-day mystics that dream timeless mysteries into creation. After many years of meditation, they wish to share their knowledge and inventions in a palatable and practical way. Their philosophy sits in the space where science and mysticism meet.

They help people, access their true potential through learning years of music in a few days. By taking on this stimulating task, people witness their genius and become further self-actualized.