Music Exams

Appear for international music exams

We encourage you to attempt an exam as:
a. It gives you a goal to work towards.
b. You get a certificate
c. It boosts your confidence
d. What can be measured can be improved
e. Most importantly you learn how to move into a highly productive 4th brain state intense focus, creativity and awe.

We have trained a number of students to appear for the highest music exams by standardized boards such as St. Cecilia School of Music, Trinity College, London. Many of our students appeared for the highest keyboard exam the Grade 8 within 6-months of training – this exam generally takes around 8-10 years of intense practice. We have broken many world records in music learning!

In 2014, we collaborated with St. Cecilia School of music to create a wholistic exam that calibrates all areas of music: performance skills, technical skills, musicality and theory.

Music Exam Details:

6c.1a. Grade 2:
Prerequisite: course 1 (1-day music workshop)
Course Duration: Approx. Six Weeks.
Dates: July 16th (Thursday) until examiner visits Auckland.
Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost: $50 a week + exam fees ($125).
Generally, takes 2-years

b. Grade 5:
Prerequisite: course 1 (1-day) and course 2 (3-days)
This exam-course are held for 3 months, twice a week for 2-hours
each and 3 intensive days.
Generally, takes 5-years

c. Grade 8:
Prerequisite: course 1 (1-day) and course 2 (3-days)
These exam-courses are held for 4 months twice a week for 2-hours
and 5 intensive days.
Generally takes 8-10 years of dedicated practice.