Leadership Workshops

At Musetude we use music as a ‘tool’ to help a person ‘know oneself’.

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers (such as Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Einstein just to name a few) believed that the key to obtaining answers in the universe was to first have a profound understanding of their own, multi-faceted nature.

6d.1As Pythagoras states, No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.

The Musetude creators also believe that only through knowing oneself, at a fundamental level are we handed the superpowers to create, and, find genius abilities hidden within ourselves. The Musetude programme is a practical and fun way of harnessing the incredible power of music and using it to help leaders gain access to heightened flow, spontaneous creativity, visualization, intuition, vision and energetic focus.

There are two types of creators in the world. One type of creator works with objects e.g. an inventor, a musician or businessman. The other type of creator is the mystic, who creates him or herself. Music helps in both these aspects of creativity, inventor and mystic.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

The aim of the leadership workshop is to help participants become more expansive in their thinking. The benefits of this course are numerous, but here are a few of them:

1. Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem: The group-learning environment helps grow participants confidence, as they are able to recognize their own unique creative talents in a positive and supportive environment.

2. Improve Collaboration and Teamwork skills: During the workshop, there is a session in which we encourage students to improvise on their keyboards in a “call and response” manner with other members of the class. This exercise is beneficial as it demonstrates how people can bring their own individuality to a group and then create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

3. Improve Leadership Skills: A good leader plays the role of the “fourth brain” and is an emulation of values, thoughts, a compelling vision, motivation and fortitude. Music loosens one up in order to grasp heightened concepts of creativity and flow. When we switch into a “fourth-brain” state, we begin to operate from the best part of ourselves, so leadership qualities improve automatically.

4. Develop Creativity and Innovation: Creating music enables one to bridge the gap between frequencies and structure. You see the genius of Pythagoras when he sieved through the infinite sea of frequencies to create scales and patterns of mathematics and logic. Exploring these inventions gives us toned creative muscles.

6d.25. Enforces Risk Acceptance: Our hit line, learn 2-years of music in 2-days, is a risk acceptance strategy in itself. Only the brave dare to walk into a workshop that states ‘learn 2-years of music in 2-days’, and so it follows that, once participants achieve this seemingly impossible task, they will be more inclined to take on challenges in the future, confident that they have whatever resources they need to accomplish the task.

6. Discipline and Fundamentals: To be able to learn at such incredible speeds, we require control and discipline over the lower three brains (fear, emotions and limiting logic). Musicians need to have a certain level of discipline and confidence in their uniqueness to pursue their art and develop their craft and not be deterred by the setbacks they encounter along the way.

7. Passion: Music is a powerful tool to help love, heal and empower our lives. Music has strong, lasting connection with humans. It bonds nations (national anthems), livens up events and is our connection to the divine. Music is the great uniter. It is an incredible force. It binds people who differ on everything and anything and provides them with a powerful sense of communion.

8. Encourage Individuality: Music and the arts help people find their unique voice in life rather than succumbing to the accepted views of the time. It helps one access different parts of themselves thus enabling us to work out what we really think and who we really are.

9. Promotes Stress Reduction: It is a well-known fact that being a leader can be a stressful role. Playing music is a wonderful way to let off steam at the end of the day and recuperate to a peaceful, happy place. Musetude teaches proprietary techniques, such as “singing out your day”, which expedite this attunement even further.

“After playing the piano, Albert Einstein would get up saying ‘There, now I’ve got it’, Something in the music would guide his thoughts in new and creative directions.” – Albert Einstein’s sister.

“Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water-bath is to the body.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes

6d.3The Musetude system works as it helps participants connect to their pre-frontal cortex (fourth brain), which is the creative center of the brain. At the workshops, attendees experience a state of heightened learning, energetic focus, creativity and flow. They witness their genius first-hand while learning the nuts and bolts of music, and having a wonderful time! Each person, irrespective of age or talent at the one-day music workshop, will learn:

  • All scales and chords
  • Reading music (notation, key signatures, time signatures.)
  • Co-ordination of both hands
  • Composition, improvisation and lots more


“The Musetude course is amazing. I went expecting to learn how to play the piano and I got that, but also a lot more. After doing an intense weekend session I sat down and wrote a business strategy document that became the basis of our marketing plan. The course opens up different thought pathways and unleashes creativity. I thoroughly  recommend it.” – Andrew Sharp, General Manger Sonar

“Opened new horizons of thinking.” – K. Mahender, Vice President Generics, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd.

“Opened my mind in terms of realizing the ‘ATTITUDE’ towards music. Helped me realize – let go, fly, music comes!! Wonderful, relaxing and informative” – Juhi Chawla, Well-known Bollywood actress