A. The Mastertude Film:

1. How do you plan to take Musetude global?

By creating an interactive Film. This film will be instructive and entertaining. Viewers learn music by use of a keyboard while being engulfed in a captivating storyline (merging learning and entertainment).

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2. Why make a Film?

Because stories generate awareness. We are the stories we tell. Storytelling has inspired and influenced society over the years. By merging storytelling (film), education (the perfection of humanity) with something practical, lasting and a much-needed asset in our society – the learning of music, participants gain a truly powerful, life changing experience.

As Nikola Tesla stated “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

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3. Why not just film your current educators teaching?

Without the backing of a captivating storyline, a teaching film is boring, as it waters down the wow for learning. Just having a mascot delivering a lesson is lifeless, we as humans love to feel connected and inspired by our experiences, including knowledge.

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4. Why not a low budget educational film or game?

Education is something we have to be excited about, not something that is drummed into our consciousness in a tedious, repetitive and boring way. Movies generate awe. Awe activates the prefrontal cortex (fourth brain) we do not get this hormone release dopamine to serotonin with conventional education techniques – because they fail to inspire.

The problem lies, in societies acceptance of the fact that education is strict and rigid yet Entertainment has the right to be extravagant and flashy. This film will bridge the gap between learning and entertainment. Education is the initiator for humankind to discover its true perfection, and this is the ultimate endeavour to which we should funnel maximum resources – making education as powerful as entertainment.

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5. What is the film about?

The film is primarily a fantasy adventure. Our protagonist Mu, an average guy suddenly finds his life drastically transformed, after he joins ‘the hood of Mastertude’, a mystery school similar to the Pythagorean order. Within the Polymaths world, Mu witnesses the flimsy band that holds our world in order. When this band is expanded we are genius.

Mu comes face to face with his destiny, and destiny reveals to him ‘a purpose’ beyond his wildest imaginations – the challenge to teach the fundamentals of music within a day! Mu realizes, he needs to stand tall in order to humbly acquiesce this challenge.

The practical element of this fantasy is that each participant is encouraged to sit in front of musical keyboards and learn the equivalent of two years of music in a very short time over the course of the twelve episodes through an accelerated learning methodology that Musetude has developed – either through online apps or their own instruments. This enables them to interact with the film, merging education and entertainment.

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B. Interactive Film

6. Why does education need entertainment?

This is the future of education – education without entertainment is boring, and uninspiring especially as this generation is used to hi-tech environments, that entertainment. The Pythagorean and other mystery schools of the past didn’t separate education, living, working and entertainment but integrated all these concepts to perfect the self.

Imagine having access to heightened knowledge and skills that are not just entertainment, but also a way of living. The Mastertude film will be a pioneer as it integrates the facets of education, entertainment and practical learning.

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7. Why does entertainment need education?

In this day and age humanity yearns to evolve, learn and grow. No experience is of greater exhilaration than one that helps a person tap into heightened areas of the brain to experience awe, genius and wonder (gamma and lambda brain-waves) especially if its done is a safe, nurturing and entertaining way.

Movies are always looking for novel ideas to write about, so why not dive into the vast knowledge of time? Some movies border on education. It seems like a waste of resources to syphon millions of dollars only for entertainment purposes. “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” Confucius.

It would be highly beneficial for the evolution of humanity to use this multi-million dollar entertainment model to educate people. Teach them through numbers, frequency and the arts hidden truths and mysteries of the past.

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8. How do you see Motion Pictures evolving?

In our society today, people are stimulated by faster brain activity, gamma waves. This is why the gaming industry is flourishing. TV shows that cater to viewer involvement and programmes that teach such as cooking shows get high ratings because they offer more – the viewer is learning something, which stimulates the mind.

In the past, when life was slower-paced, and knowledge was hard to come by, movies came into being by “magicians” who wanted to capture the minds of their audience by creating altered states of reality. These altered states of reality distracted people from the drills of daily living, by providing them respite: an alternate world to step into that was both real, novel and entertaining.

This is the generation of thinkers thanks to technological advancements, the internet, we have access to knowledge galore. All this generation of thinkers require is to ‘mirror’ an attitude of impeccability, will, discipline and focus. The Mastertude film will use the medium of storytelling to bring about the Superhuman.

Neitzsche’s maintained that all human behavior is motivated by the will to power. In its positive sense, the will to power is not simply power over others, but the power over oneself that is necessary for creativity. Supermen are those who have overcome man – i.e. the individual self – and sublimated the will to power into a momentous creativity.

To keep up with this generation, Hollywood needs to attach heightened-learning to the existing entertainment model to uplift and grow people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, providing people with a holistic long-lasting experience they never forget.

For e.g. if terrorism is plaguing humanity, highly-captivating educational film-scripts should be introduced into the populace which appeases the struggle and appeals to the intellect sensibilities of mankind.

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9. Why are you focusing on music as opposed to another subject?

Music is the best subject to showcase this edutainment theatre-model of learning as:

  • Music is universally loved by people of all ages.
  • It fires up the entire brain like no other subject can and promotes left-right brain co-ordination.
  • It is useful to people of all ages and abilities to help them work, live and learn at their creative best.
  • Music helps bond people, e.g. family, friends, teams, and has the power to create a harmonious and truly progressive world.
  • It is proven to improve health and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

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C. For Sponsors:

10. How do you propose to make this vision a reality?

We have divided the project into manageable milestones.

Short term plans:

  • Develop a film that will teach, inspire & stimulate a Mastertude audience
  • Raise funds to create a pilot for a multi-sensory interactive Mastertude programme.
  • Develop an internet model.

Medium term plans:

  • Inspire a highly-regarded film director to take part in directing the first Mastertude film.
  • Build incubation centers to nurture talent, innovation and heightened thinking.

Long term plans:

  • Develop trainers and designers of other education courses.
  • Revolutionize edutainment worldwide giving people the opportunity to discover their full potential and live
    happier, more enlightened lives.

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11. Why is this a worthy project?

Because it is an abundant source of wealth, talent and evolution.

a. There is no competition to Musetude available in the market today.
b. The Musetude method is in great demand even as it currently stands.
c. The system is a combination of some of the biggest money-making industries.
d. This project is in the hands of altruistic, spiritual individuals whose only aim is to grow intelligence, further knowledge, dissolution of human programming and distillation to bring the creative best out of each individual.

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a. There is no competition to Musetude available in the market today.

  • The speed at which people with little or no experience develop musically has not even come close to being achieved by any other music courses worldwide to date.
  • The course helps develop sought after character traits such as creativity, confidence and self-belief.
  • These benefits motivate students to carry on learning with Musetude, creating a need for follow-on courses.
  • We have developed IP that has taken years to create and is unique to Musetude.

If our vision is realized, it will enable the world’s fastest system of learning music to become accessible to virtually anyone globally.

b. The Musetude method is in great demand.

We are now at the point where we simply cannot cope with the demand. Requests are coming from sources including:

  • Businesses who want to use music to unlock whole-brain thinking, creativity, boost leadership skills, team- building, memory, confidence and lower stress levels.
  • Adults who have always dreamt of playing a musical instrument.
  • Youth who are yearning to learn music in a fast, easy and fun way instead of the traditional ‘boring’ way.
  • Schools, institutes and universities that would like to offer a more exciting, forward thinking way of teaching music within their curriculum.

c. The system is a combination of the biggest money making industries.

This system merges many of the major industries: entertainment (movie and gaming), education, person development and music industries. People on viewing this interactive film will not only feel incredible, fully charged, highly inspired but highly accomplished with they newly acquired skill, that will make them want to tell everyone and repeat the experience. This ensures that the model is highly sustainable and flourishes.

  1. The popularity of immersive gaming technology is growing. This interactive film experience will replicate a virtual reality environment that is both interactive and stimulating.
  2. The current education system is antiquated and teaching methods are outdated. It’s pointless putting more funds into trying to save this failing system. The Mastertude film will stimulate the prefrontal cortex, which is the centre of heightened creativity, awe and novelty.
  3. The self-help industry is flourishing in this fast-paced, stressful world where people are seeking answers.

Using our edutainment concept with a practical tool – music, people will be able to switch into a heightened state of learning, creativity, awe, flow, bliss, peace and calm.

d. This project is in the hands of altruistic, spiritual individuals whose only aim is to grow intelligence, further knowledge, dissolution of human programming and distillation to bring the creative best out of each individual.

Distillation to our purest selves – the act of stripping away all unnecessary parts of the ego – brings the creative out in people. It encourages all that we are to manifest in balanced and serenely powerful ways. Distillation heralds the entry of the influence of higher forces and the balancing of these forces with the lower ones, which provide our “groundedness”, so crucial to wholeness. A person who lives-by and understands the alchemical principle of distillation knows that the soul, rather than the ego, is now guiding their life. Such a person surrenders to the higher forces while celebrating and honouring the existence of the lower ones.

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12. What is the current market situation for Musetude today?

Huge! Put simply, we cannot meet the demand for our programme. Music is a topic that is supremely and universally loved. People jump at the opportunity to learn music at any age.

Ask yourself the question: If you were given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music in 1-day! would you take it? Most definitely! We get an immense turnout to our courses, with people travelling from all over the world to attend.

We have refused thousands of contracts from schools, corporates, organisations and the general public as we simply can’t meet the demand.

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D. The way forward for education:

13. What are the benefits of a film over a live teacher?

In a film, we can demonstrate a lot clearer and better, the different components of music, rhythm and harmony. The clarity of our sight can be replicated to the ‘tee’ with the aid of technology in a movie, whereas in a live class one doesn’t get to see the complex layers behind the story.

Through the film medium, the possibilities are so much greater as we can play with different stories, characters, varied vibrations and music styles. A film has the capability to engulf all the senses – one’s entire being and can create an experience so vast we can lose ourselves in it. We become the characters. We move out of our one-dimensional limited programming to a vaster array of possibilities from varied characters, situations, beings from other planets and dimensions.

Live classrooms are generally one dimensional and the teacher has to constantly silence the pupil’s petty fears, insecurities and nerves of the lower brains. In a theatre, we can drown out these negative thought patterns with the explosive art of storytelling so that the participant feels the magnitude of possibility on a grand scale. When we teach, the only “rule” we have is that our students enjoy themselves no matter what! What greater enjoyment is there than a highly entertaining story to inspire learning? Through awe, frequency and vibration in a movie context we can help millions of people experience their heightened potential.

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14. Why not just train teachers? Have you tried this before?

Yes, we have tried this before and, it doesn’t work. The only reason we are moving on from teaching is to create a film that teaches. We don’t want to follow the old model of teaching passing on knowledge linearly through the passage of time. Mastertude then just becomes another education model following in the footsteps of those gone before, when this method has the power to revolutionise. We see a shift in the attitude of our students and want technology to jolt it further through awe and inspiration.

We don’t want to pursue training teachers as the method loses its effect the further from the source it gets. Most visions/insights/inventions or methods have gotten lost in transition over time. As Albert Einstein stated, “since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity I do not understand it myself anymore.”

In a technological era, we can capture the essence of the teachings 100 percent and blast out. For an individual to achieve the required state of being in order to be equipped to teach, generally takes years of training in a monastery or ashram, as it is a way of life. Through technology, we get to replicate this impeccable attitude which is transmuted onto the characters in the film thus enabling our students to operate from the prefrontal cortex. We have something in our brain called ‘mirror neurons’ which mirror an attitude of impeccability. The different characters in the film take on this challenge from different standpoints, giving participants the opportunity to mirror this state themselves when immersed in the film.

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15. Why is the Hollywood model the future of edutainment?

The reason we decided to go down the avenue of a Hollywood style film to impact the world rather than a teacher training model or a budget educational film, is because the Hollywood industry has the widest reach. e.g. movie model of Lion King vs the education model of Buckminster Fuller. The system of Hollywood is standerdized, widespread and maintains its essence. The Hollywood model is the most suitable for our programme because:

  1. It spares no expenses and uses all tools available, the biggest being technology advancements such as HD video, surround sound and virtual group synergy.
  2. This models main aim is to help entertain people and evolve with our times, unlike our current education system which lacks flexibility. e.g. if thought-provoking movies are doing well, scripts with deep concepts, flood the market.
  3. Entertainment, unlike education and religion, encourages fluidity, pushes the boundaries and is all-encompassing e.g. The movie Noah even though it goes against some people’s belief structures is still a Hollywood blockbuster because it is considered to be “entertainment” not a religious teaching.
  4. It is non-threatening and not competition based. Everyone is on a level playing field, just being entertained, enjoying themselves and thriving in their perfection.
  5. Entertainment is glamorous – its artistry is awe-inspiring, playful and welcoming.

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16. Why is the idea of merging education with entertainment not popularized?

Because in society today we have trained ourselves to separate ‘avenues of our life’ such as work, entertainment, meditation, education and socialization. Which aspect we choose to make dominant is up to each individual. What we have to focus on to bring about a evolution in our consciousness, is an integration of these avenues of life. The attitude being explained here is that of a polymath. Polymaths didn’t separate life but went into extreme discipline to integrate their encyclopaedic knowledge, derived through the course of their life.

Hence to create polymaths we have to train ourselves to integrate all ‘avenues of life’ rather than separate. We feel the first step is through merging education with entertainment.

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