Future Plans


The Mastertude film will be instructive and entertaining. Viewers learn music by use of a keyboard, while being engulfed in a captivating storyline.

The Mastertude Film-story Synopsis:

The film is primarily a fantasy adventure. The film is set-in a mystery school ‘the hood of Mastertude’ similar to the Pythagorean order. Orders like these ‘walk the fringe’ between genius and madness, or better still erase this fringe altogether. Within the Order, the laws of duality hold no sway which is magnificent, yet terrifying.

Our protagonist Mu, an average guy suddenly finds his life drastically transformed, after he joins this order and he comes face to face with his destiny, and destiny reveals to him ‘a purpose’ beyond his wildest imaginations – the challenge to teach years of music in a few hours and, use the hidden power in music to create superhumans. Mu realizes, he needs to stand tall in order to humbly acquiesce this challenge.

Mu sees how much control the members of the Order have over the forces of nature and how they cause their reality to unfold. Nothing affects them as it would the average person. They stir the ocean with their feats of magic and prowess, they control dimensions beyond his grasp. Nothing ever causes them suffering, it is all an epic performance. They walk through life with such assurance, which makes him wonder, are they Gods or humans? He has never seen such power flowing through humans therefore he calls them ‘polymaths’.

Aim of the film:

In our society today, people are stimulated by faster brain activity. This is why the gaming industry is flourishing. TV shows that cater to viewer involvement and programmes that teach such as cooking shows get high ratings because they offer more – the viewer is learning something, which stimulates the mind.

In the past, when life was slower-paced, and knowledge was hard to come by, movies came into being by “magicians” who wanted to capture the minds of their audience by creating altered states of reality. These altered states of reality distracted people from the drills of daily living, by providing them respite: an alternate world to step into that was both real, novel and entertaining.

This is the generation of thinkers thanks to technological advancements, the internet, we have access to knowledge galore. All this generation of thinkers require is to ‘mirror’ an attitude of impeccability, will, discipline and focus. The Mastertude film will use the medium of storytelling to bring about the superhuman.

To keep up with this generation, we need to attach heightened-learning (gamma waves) to the existing entertainment model providing people with a holistic long-lasting experience they never forget.

Benefits of the Mastertude synthesis:

Films up until this point have been about passive mirroring. They provide us with ‘feelings of brilliance’ that are lost in the vast sea of the viewers memories as we, the viewer don’t have a way to utilize these ‘feelings of brilliance’.

Through the Mastertude Film we want to change this passive experience and introduce active learning that utilizes these ‘moments of brilliance’ by providing the viewer with a firm skill-set: The Learning of Music.

Most people will be vary of this change because they believe that entertainment helps them wind-down. But contrary to that assumption if you gravitate to Film that are suspense driven, philosophical or psychological in nature, they cause a mental work-out.

The entertainment you gravitate towards provides you with two vicarious opportunities for learning: 1. through imitation, 2. through reflection. The Mastertude synthesis provides you with the missing link; participation.

Evolution of Entertainment:

The Pythagoreans and other mystery schools of the past integrated education, living, working and entertainment. One was not gifted knowledge until one had sufficient control and discipline in the arena of life. The main aim was to ‘know oneself’.

Society today has separated all these aspects of life and categorized each individually. Each individual categorisation has been diluted in its ability to impact by being separated out. Therefore we spend most of our life living halfheartedly, below our potential, and hardly attain higher states of self-actualisation or transcendence, because this would require us to integrate rather than separate.

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.” – Lawrence Pearsall Jacks

It is a waste of resources to syphon billions of dollars purely for entertainment purposes. In this day and age humanity yearns to evolve, learn and grow. No experience is of greater exhilaration or ecstasy than one that helps a person tap into their higher senses, heightened brains and experience awe, genius and wonder, especially if the experience is provided in a safe, nurturing and entertaining way.

Some movies are bordering on education but don’t take it all the way. It would be highly beneficial to the evolution of humanity, to use this multi-million dollar entertainment model to educate people – teach through numbers, frequency and the arts hidden truths and mysteries of the past.