We have taught 10,000 + students. Below is some feedback from:

* One-day Musetude public workshops:
* Musetude Corporate workshops
* Musetude Educationist workshops

One-day music workshops:

001 Musetude“Opened my mind in terms of realizing the ‘ATTITUDE’ towards music. Helped me realize – let go, fly, music comes!! Wonderful, relaxed and informative” – Juhi Chawla, well-known Bollywood actress.

“An enjoyable and stimulating experience. Would recommend for anyone with a love of music and a hunger to learn and enjoy it. Has given me the fundamental understanding of music theory and practical on which I feel able to yield. I will go with the flow rather more! – Lewis Holden, Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, NZ Government.

002 Musetude“Fantastic class. Inspiring, warm, fun and full of learning. Amazingly you learn an astounding amount about music. You also learn to de-stress and experience freedom” – Louise Marra, advisor to the NZ Prime Minister, CEO Spirited Leadership.

“Was Fantastic! It made a foreign language familiar and showed a path through which I hope to be more musically literate and free the music inside me and use different parts of my brain.” – Oscar Kightley, Actor.

S“This has been enlightening. The energizing change that comes from playing music is amazing and I love all the science base that you explained, love the skill of changing brain state and setting my creativity free as I have always felt that I have potential but have no had the tools to tap into it. I feel that this is it.” – Antonia Prebble actress, presenter NZ

“Learnt something that will have a huge impact on my life”- Marcus Hamilton.

004 Musetude“Music plays a very special role in education. I was very impressed with your enthusiasm, passion and commitment and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.” ~ Dick Hubbard, Mayor of Auckland City, Chairperson of Hubbard Cereals.

“Was excellent! Great approach to teaching and to life in general. Brilliant to be part of a course where I felt I was able to achieve results constantly throughout the course” – Oliver Driver, director/actor.

005 Musetude“Very informative on understanding how to learn how to have a perspective on my ability. Really surprising how quick we can learn a song, notes, chords, scales, etc” – Holly Whittaker, Marketing Manager, Whittaker Chocolate.

“I have personally experienced the speed, ease & enjoyment of learning and know that they will create a revolution in music learning worldwide.” ~ Dr. Swati Piramal, CEO of Nicholas Piramal Ltd., Prime Minister’s Scientific advisory Council, India.

“Will free me from restrictions and will play with letting go and getting into the flow” – Rita Davies.

006 Musetude“An incredible introduction to the world of music that has given me the confidence to delve deeper. Met some wonderful people and also learnt about music as well as being able to see a path forward. Finally a belief that it is possible even for me!! Incorporate more meditation. Control the whole mind to achieve my full potential and serve” – Michale Mackinven

“I really enjoyed the time here. Very gifted teachers with a fabulous insight into different ways of learning. I enjoyed learning to enjoy learning! Everyone was friendly and the environment made everyone want to learn, fail, succeed all of it!” – Gareth Williams, Actor

007 Musetude“Incredible workshop! Thank you both so much. It’s been an amazing experience. A fantastic interesting group of people as well!! Opened my mind to this kind of learning. I will have more focus on meditation and actively seeking guidance from above to download information. I sometimes forget it is all there waiting for us.” – Melissa Muirhead, HR Manager DB Breweries.

“Absolutely fantastic. Love the holistic approach. Had much fun, wonderful new friends. The course helped me, let go of the ‘fear’ I knew nothing about music now I can almost play Beethoven” – Pete Ibbertson.

008 Musetude“Amazing! such a great way to unlock the mystery of music and open the door to the joy of it all” – Kip Chapman, Actor and Director.

“Can’t believe how much I learned in just one day with a little more practice I know that I will be playing at gatherings. I tried learning when I was young but got bored so gave up after two weeks. With Musetude I could play tunes within just one day.” – Richard O’Halon, Trustee at CWT

009 Musetude“I can’t thank you enough for all that the Musetude experience has taught me about music and about myself and how to live an amazing life. Musetude truly unlocks the potential within, and I just hope that you are able to take it to the world so that millions will get to experience the joy and enlightenment that I have.” – Leanne Frisbie, director, Passion PR

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your inspirational teaching, who you are and what you’re doing. Musetude rocks! – a truly life-changing experience !! Get back into FLOW. Reminded me how creative music is and the power of our fourth brain. Incredible learning. – Lisa Gibson, NLP / Communication Educator at Self employed.

010 MusetudeI enjoyed the whole experience. A great atmosphere to beautiful, spiritual people – thank you. I would like to help you so let me know if I can help in any way. Keep going and have fun! This workshop helped me tap into creativity and realize maybe I need to quit my job. – Anna Kingston, L&D manager, Noel Leeming.

“It has been great to reawaken my joy of music. The course also demonstrated clearly to me the relationship between chords and scales which was very helpful. It has helped me to focus. I will allocate some time during the week to playing and become more playful in what I try on the piano.” – Carol Lichkus, Director, People Solutions

011 Musetude“Was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I learned so much. Overcome my fear of piano playing.– Yay!” – Joanne Bath, Budget Forecast, Aviation Security Service

“There was an amazing amount of information that was taught on this course and reinforced in different styles which helped to make it sink in. I learned more about music in these 2 days than I thought was possible. I did not realize there was this much to learn. It has really made me question my experience of the fourth brain and I now have a deep desire to be in that place and teach my family.” – Tracy Gill, Air New Zealand.

012 Musetude“Thank you for the fabulous workshop. You can certainly de-mystify and gallop people to an understanding of music that is totally amazing. I’m so impressed. I wonder if the mathematical patterns can somehow open a crack into fearless creativity!” – Andrea Stringfield, Leadership Coach

“Musetude has given me a refreshed understandings of the fundamental principles of music through harmony, melody and rhythm.This course has helped me understand the fundamentals of music and how important humility and silence are in our daily lives.” – Justin St Vincent, Director, Xtreme Music

013 Musetude“I really really enjoyed this experience. I have smiled and felt happy this whole weekend. Before I came to this workshop I had no knowledge of piano and reading music but I feel like I have learnt so much and want to purchase a keyboard. I feel like I can take on the world. Made me open my eyes to a different way of thinking about my life and not being scared to be wrong and not perfect. I feel a lot more creative and not shy and don’t worry what others think.” – Cherrilee Fuller, Singer.

“I love the science and philosophy behind the course. I will try to use both sides of my brain more and switch between the different sides often in attempts to bring them together” – Georgie Wright.

014 Musetude“I had an awesome experience doing the course. I walked in the door and before I knew it I was playing things that I never thought I would play. I also found that by the end of the workshop I was feeling a lot more confident. The course has given me a whole new idea about how I want to live my life and it has really helped me understand how I can tap into a different part of my brain.” – Lucie Feenstra.

015 Musetude“It was amazing! I learnt a lot and it will definitely benefit me in my life. Made all the confusing things easy to understand. Helped me play piano, learnt my scales, key signatures, chord. I want to become a music teacher or professional singer. I will do the next course definitely!” – Ashlee Stevenson, student University of Whangaparaoa.

“Amazing! Really easy to learn what I first assumed were very difficult concepts. Enjoyed the constant changing and challenging. Also learnt a lot about different life views/ideas and ways to deal with situations” – Michael Lichkus, student, University.

016 Musetude“An excellent full brain experience and way to learn music. Enjoyed it a lot. Will recommend it to others. Emphasized need and benefit of focus on what’s important, the value of music, etc.” Trevor Nash, Principal at Prowind Energy Ltd

“Enlightening course very friendly and supportive group, inspiring teachers. Opened new possibilities, Never thought keyboard ability could be possible” – John Eaglen, Owner, The Big Tomato Holiday Accommodation

“Very interesting! I like the patterns to it and the philosophy. Would like to spend more time composing.” ~ Tresna Hunt

017 Musetude“Fantastic, very professional, superb, non-threatening environment – fun!! I end up with a skill. You need to take this Global ~ David Glenn, Ascot Capital Management

“Captivating, very interactive, fun encouraging, refreshing change from work/home routine, opened up a dramatically new different possibility, never thought I could do it. Listen to music differently. Realize I can and need to reactivate my memory. Play three days a week minimum and use keyboard to de-stress and free my mind of  clutter” – Fiona Macky, franchise coach

018 Musetude“Fantastic, educational, I understand music now, strongly recommend this course to anyone, an awakening, just do it. This course has helped me in my life by starting to see what its all about – clarity. I want more more more…” – John Boone, Director at Rhythm Interactive Ltd

“Huge amount of leaning simplified music theory for me. Totally blown away by the possibilities created in my life through doing this course. I realize now how to get into flow on demand and how this can help me achieve all my goals faster and with less effort. ”. – Aron Neele, Owner, Wild Records Recording Studios

019 Musetude“Amazed at what can be learned in such a short period of time. Interactive and inspiring. I can see how it will ignite creativity and help manage energy. Play keyboard to defog my brain and have fun.” – Cath Vincent, Professional Speaker

“This has been a lovely experience. I can see the benefit for many youngsters. Having played the piano as a child by ear. It all makes more sense at the 60 year age.” – Judi Bond, Director at A2Z Data Ltd

“Great! Had a good time and learnt a lot. Great teachers! Worth every second!” ~ Aaron Nuualiitia (16) Auckland Boys Grammar

020 Musetude“I really enjoyed the class and look forward to continuing with music and applying three skills to my study unlocking my brain and using it fully. I really enjoyed this – it was a very positive experience. I would like to continue and aim for Grade 5 or 8 next July due to my upcoming schedule this year.”– Lynne Fleury, CEO at FFT

“It has been unbelievable how much information has been put across in just one day. I truly believe I can make music when I have never considered myself musical. The course helped me in my life watching the space.” – Graham Scott, director Graham Scott & Associates

021 Musetude“Musetude methods of teaching are extraordinary! I have managed to get through a number of blocks that I thought I’d had when learning music as a child. Thank you for making learning fun! It has opened my ears, eyes and heart to the power of music. It’s the gateway to the soul!” – Lyska Nelson, Director at Next Edge Consulting Ltd.

“Thank you for a great experience, I am very confident I can continue to take my music ability and knowledge to a higher level. I look forward to finding ways to assists you with your project. A new outlet for creativity and a way to release limiting states and behaviors” – Sonja Peterson, Director, Pawtect

Grade 8 music exam workshops:

Broken world records in music (link)

022 Musetude“I was able to learn so much, so quickly and I had SO MUCH FUN. Their focus on discovering and tapping into our creative potential was really inspiring and made so much sense as it was grounded in scientific research. I feel like I was not only learning music, but also really important lessons about life and how to get the most out of it. Since that course I have gone on to sit, and pass, my grade 8 exam in a matter of months – something that I considered absolutely impossible before I started studying with them. Musetude has changed my life in many ways and I want everyone I know to study with them as I know they will benefit so much from it. Thanks so much!” – Antonia Prebble, leading NZ actress.

023 Musetude“I’m very happy to do this course. It’s a real miracle to do the highest international music exam in just 2 months, while my friend after learning music for 5 years is only doing the Grade 2. The teachers here even teach us what real music is. Thank you for making me do the highest exam directly.”~ Ninan Raj

“I feel it is wonderful to appear for the highest exam in just 3 months. Musetude has made the impossible possible. I feel great to be a part of this class!”~ Nami

024 Musetude“Musetude has such a novel approach to teaching music. They encouraged me – an absolute beginner to aim straight for the highest international music exam. Passing the exam with Merit was really a great achievement, as it requires a very high degree of musicality and technical skills.” ~ Priya Kumar

The Trinity College Examiner asked the mother of 6-year old Sooraj Bishnoi who passed the highest international music exam “How did your son manage it, it is humanly not possible for a child’s hand-span to manage.”

His Mother replied “ You and I know it is impossible . . he doesn’t!”

SONY DSC“We thank you for all that you have done for our sons. They have become focused, and are stretching beyond their limitations. You have inculcated values that will go a long way to help them in their lives.” ~ Dr. Kunti Nag, mother of Parthiva and Rishabh

Corporate workshops: 

“Helps in building confidence. Makes you think out-of-the-box.” – Sridhar Kadambi, Senior Deputy Manager, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd

026 Musetude“It is a new method of Accelerated Learning, which can be applied to any field of  work . . . I have personally experienced the speed, ease & enjoyment of learning and know that they will create a revolution in music learning worldwide.” ~ Dr. Swati Piramal, Scientist and Director of Nicholas Piramal Ltd.

“Fantastic – thank you. I’m amazed at how simple you have made this. I’m excited to see your courses around the world. You have opened up a whole new part of my mind. Thant you. I now have more confidence that I can actually unlock my creativity into all aspects of my life. I’m excited to begin trying it out.” – Sue Travalgia, International Concierge Manager, Air New Zealand

027 Musetude“Excellent, although I have a little bit of previous background in piano this course really opened my eyes to different learning methods. Opened my eyes to the different levels of the brain and how I can use music / keyboard to utilize my full brain capacity. Plan to pick up piano again. Would be fantastic if I could prepare from the Grade 8 exam!!” – Noella Zhou, Learning and development manager, ASB bank.

“This has opened up possibilities of playing and improvising, particularly using chords. This makes playing something enjoyable. Open to getting over inhibitions letting them go.” – Ken Robinson, Principal Architect, KR Architects Ltd.

028 Musetude“Fantastic. Unbelievable and unimaginable that we could do so much in a day.” – Mrs. Leocadia D’Mello, Secretary, Dr. Swati Piramal

“I recently attended a half day music course. It is a wonderful course, based on neuro-scientific research that has looked at the function of the frontal cortex of our brains. During the 4 hour session I attended, we not only learned a piece of music from scratch, learned to play it by ear and sing along to it but most of us could also play it with both hands within a very short time. Before the end of the session, we all learned to create our own improvisations to the tune, and during another segment of the workshop all of us composed a short piece of music. So much for lack of creativity as a musician!”
– Article in the Strategic Direction Newsletter

029 Musetude“Classes are vibrant, positive, and truly add value to absolutely all aspects of life..the methods used keeps you totally focused and learning happens without any real effort…I used the method when attacking new projects or difficulties at work and it works..I can do anything if I want..I just need to believe in myself and apply these simple methods taught to learn anything.” – Jill Kerr, HR manager, Smith & Caughey’s

“Great! thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve always wondered if I could play an instrument, gained the confidence that I could in this programme. It was fun!!”
-Vicki Moran, HR Manager, Greenmount Business Association

030 Musetude“Great fun doing things I thought I could never do like improvisation and playing without looking at music. There is so much energy with playing in a group, a complete contrast to formal sessions.”~ Rosemary Pearson, Human Resource Manager, Organizational Development, Auckland DHB

“Very good, learned a lot in a very short time”~ Judith Moore, HR Manager, Fire Service “Super easy concepts applied to music makes learning simple”~ Sandra de Kock, Director, The HR Connection

031 Musetude“Superb. You’ve “converted” me. Now I will play music.” – Dr. Maneesh Nerurkar, Vice President R& D, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd

“Great, Inspiring, Recharging. Relieving of all inhibitions. Achieved the impossible.” – Kanchan Warke, Group Product Manager, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd

“Unbelievable, very pleasant. I loved every minute of it. It has changed my perception of the word IMPOSSIBLE.” – Deepti Agiwal, Product Manager, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd

032 Musetude“Was just Fabulous. The course material, the teachers, the scientific basis, and most importantly the positive and radiant energy radiated was just amazing.” – Saurav Bhala, Senior Accounts Manager, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd

“It was a great, fantastic experience. Teaching not only music, but a lot of other mind-opening channels. Guides towards achievements, Vision, Clarity, Make something important work” – Arlita Hemrajani, Junior Manager, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd

“Fascinating! Introduced me to a new way of learning which I think could be revolutionary and NZ should explore.”~ Joan Cummings, HR Manager

 033 Musetude“My first exposure to music!!! Was great. Keep it up!!! Given me the urge to pursue music, which has always been a passion for me.” – Bhaskar Ramachandran, Product Manager, Nicohlas Piramal Ltd

“Great course have really learnt a lot. Buying a keyboard and going to take learning to the next level. Thanks! Course has helped me realize learning is always good and how to use learning. No boundaries will see where it leads me.” – Bridgette Farquhar, Learning and development manager Air NewZealand

034 Musetude“Excellent. Very informative. Very well delivered / presented, pleasant manner. Book very good. Course helped me in my life fill in some theory I didn’t know from years ago. Taught me all I need to get into the creative zone.” – Carol gray, Founder at Business Consultancy Group

“Fabulous, wonderful, exciting, confidence building, energizing. You are both gifted teachers. Please keep going! I would be interested in your corporate programme.” – Tracy Blake, Vice President, Human Resources Manager, First Southern Bank

Educationist workshops: 

035 Musetude“This was amazing. I learned more in one-day than I did in ten-years of piano lessons and sitting exams!!”~ Karen Boyes, Spectrum Education

“I have observed a very high standard in their teaching material as well as their methods. They have revolutionized the world of music learning by teaching in-depth music concepts in a very short period of time – making music learning convenient and accessible to all.” ~ Dr Vidyadhar Vyas, HOD Music, University of Mumbai

“Great day with 2 inspirational teachers who had us all doing and making music we didn’t think we were capable of.”~ Lyn Platt, Principal of Waimokoia School “

036 MusetudeGood to see Brain Theory being put into practice. Great day! I did things I thought I could never do. I was reflecting in my journal all day about the possibilities. I love the concept. I just need to get it in place for my school” ~ Stephen Lethbridge, Principal of Taupaki School

“Wonderful! I certainly agree with everything you’ve said. There is so much untapped potential sitting in our classrooms. Really appreciated the day for myself & for the possibilities inherent in the programme.” ~ Tina Voordouw, Principal of Rongomai School

037 Musetude“Enjoyable day, very friendly facilitators, very effective teaching methods, course was well planned and structured. It has made me appreciate and understand the music side in me. Generated a keen musical interest in me.” ~ Ronnie Naidao, Teacher, Waimokoia Special School

“It seems to be a positive and practical method that addresses all learning styles, ability levels and interest levels. High enjoyment factor. Very positive experience, I came with high level of apprehension & low level of self- confidence as I’m not trained as a musician in any way. Happily I left with lower level of anxiety and a desire to learn more. Loved this hands-on approach & supporting attitude. Great resources”~ Prue East, teacher at Torbay School

039 Musetude“Enjoyable. I couldn’t believe how simple and clear Musetude made the learning of music using clever simple but effective methods. Thank you for making me more confident about learning the keyboard. Both teachers were encouraging. Helpful and wonderful. It made something I thought was impossible to learn clearer easier to understand and I actually got to do it practically. Thank you.” ~ Jackie Hoaia

“Fun! time passed quickly, lots of connections made, inspired to get back into playing.”~ Sarah Martin, Deputy Principal, Red Beach School “Fun! I found it very simple, easy to understand. Learnt some stuff 5 years of lessons didn’t teach me!”~ Stuart Fleming, Spectrum Education

040 Musetude“Incredible way to teach. I’ve spent 10 years in various music lessons for various instruments and none were as productive or fun as today’s. Brilliant!” ~ Alex Ward, Rangitoto College

“Fits me well with my beliefs. An absolutely positive, professional and expert organization. I would be happy to talk with you to programme this into our school.”~ Ken Pemberton, Principal of Murrays Bay School

041 Musetude

“Would like my music teachers to experience an introductory course. I like the development of creativity and the opportunity to learn a number of instruments. For those wishing to sit for exams externally is an advantage. I have really enjoyed the day. I would be interested in an adult class and I would like to do grade 8 in a short time. I would like to be a good player. I can do it! (maybe) Thank you. You did a fantastic job.” ~ Owen Alexander, Principal of Takapuna Normal Intermediate School

042 Musetude“Innovative, inspiring, fast moving, motivated. An interesting day offering a good taste of the programme. Well presented; great use of technology & personal”~ Jeanna Sheppard, Teacher at Murrays Bay School

“Great methods used to access Higher Learning capabilities. Enjoyable and enthusiastic presentations. I can see the benefit of shifting thinking about approaches to learning and self belief possibilities. Today was astonishing. I can say that I learned more today than in all my many attempts to learn music as a young person. Thank you.” ~ Cris Hull, Principal of Mercer School

044 Musetude“I love it!! Thank you all so much – what a marvelous learning opportunity this has been.” ~ Nicola Girling, Principal of Hillsborough Primary School

“The trial programmes in New Zealand with participants from a range of contexts, and learning needs, demonstrates the potential adaptability of this music education system. It is clear that the courses are carefully structured and standardized to ensure maximum learning. The flexibility to vary the modules provides potential for the programme to be adapted to a wide range of learning or school contexts.” ~ Helen Cooper, Senior Advisor Arts, Ministry of Education

048 Musetude“The teaching method is thorough, sequential and well thought out to meet the needs of a wide range of experience and abilities. I believe the system devised by Musetude Trust has huge potential to promote music learning in New Zealand and foster a love and enthusiasm for music in people of all ages and abilities.”~ Celia Stewart, National Facilitator, Primary Music, Christchurch College of Education