Brain R & D

Brain Introduction:4.1
The human brain is a tremendously powerful instrument. The more scientist understand and research the human brain, the more they are astounded. Some researchers have described the human brain as a miniature universe.

If this is the case, why do we not use this fantastic device to its full capacity? Why are we not in control of our thoughts not to mention our dreams?

The brain is like any machine, it has a manual. Once we understand and follow the manual we can use this device to its full capacity and have the power to be immensely creative. We can turn this existence into a paradise.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternative – choice, not chance, determines your destiny” – Aristotle.

Man is endowed with the greatest power: the power of thought. Thought is the essence of individuality. The flow of a man’s life is centered in thought. Thoughts are vehicles into undiscovered areas of existence and imagination. Don’t curb your wild imaginative thought processes to fit the social mold.

The social mold can be so overwhelming that is to say it can reduce a powerfully creative individual to become a mechanical machine. Often, instead of becoming the creative geniuses that we are, we reduce ourselves to a fraction of our true capabilities to fit into social constructs which is both limiting and damaging. The root of all madness in our society today is due to a disordered way of thinking. Under the chaotic burden of mind chatter, the spontaneous and natural ability to think is stifled. Furthermore, this tumult of chatter is mistaken for intellectual thought.

The error of confusing one’s chatter with one’s capacity to think is the basis of human ignorance.

4.2It is hard work to acquire the ability to think for oneself, but it is easy to amass the ideas of others. Although the power to think is innate within us most of the chatter in our heads belong to other people. Developing one’s power to think involves an inner search.

“At last, in a flash, understanding blazes up, and the mind, as it exerts all its powers to the limit of human capacity, is flooded with light.” – Plato

We need to find time to understand the workings of our brain. We are here on earth for such a short time. As Socrates states, surely nothing, in this temporary journey, could be more important than to know thyself.

Once we have control over our brain (thoughts, feelings, emotions and beyond) we can unlock the secrets of the universe. We can explore and discover what is beyond the mere chatter.

The thought of ‘flying’ led to the discovery of the plane, the thought of ‘light’ led to the discovery of electricity. Accessing these explosions of genius is your birth right, they are your very own moon landings!

“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.” – Pythagoras